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Quran reading pen, Quran box, Learn Quran write and read using Quran Reading pen.

Quran reading pen, Quran box, Learn Quran write and read using Quran Reading pen.

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Learning the qur 'an is now easier and more interesting!!!!

Quran reading pen, allows you to listen to the Quran with the voice of multiple readers of your choice  Read and listen at the same time, How it works? When you point the pen to a verse in the Quran it reads the full verse, and when you point it to a page number it reads the whole page, and when pointing it to the Sura’s tittle it reads the whole Sura Multiple readers to choose from, voice control, volume control and comes with a headset. You can use the USB connection to download the audio material you want, and you can also use the pen as a storing device.- Audio translations (English,persian,russian,turkish,kuridsh,malaysian,spanish, dutch,malayalam,aldirih ,patsho,kazakhstan Urdu, French) - Readers' Choice (Abdul Basit, Al Minshawi, Al afasy,al mouiqlee,alghamdi,alsudais , al shuraim )also there is :sahih al-bukhari alshibl almuslem laibrry sahih muslem talkin dictionary

  • 16GB built-in flash memory.
  • Luxury design of pen, high-quality voice of pen which is suitable for reading Quran.
  • The Ever-Best Tool to Read, Learn and Memorize.
  • The Holy Quran Option for more than 21 Quran Voice Recitations and 23 voice translations.
  • Qaidah Noorania for Quran/Arabic Learners.
  • Talking Dictionary Book with 14 Languages.
  • Sahih Bukhari, Complete Hadith Boo with index booklet synchronized with each hadith voice .
  • Color coded Tajweed Rules
  • if you need any additional Quran voice or Translation voice, we can do maximum in 1 to 2 weeks.

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