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Dukhni Ma'amoul Attar Oil العطار العربي Alcohol-Free Oil Perfume

Dukhni Ma'amoul Attar Oil العطار العربي Alcohol-Free Oil Perfume

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OUD MUKHALAT عطر العود المخلط- A soft yet subtle captivating aroma for men. The spicy notes blended with ylang–ylang & jasmine enhance the earthy notes of saffron & vetiver to give a soothing finish of myrrh & musk
AMBAR OUD عطر عود العمبر- An intriguing, animalic aroma with depth and rich sweet notes of vanilla and benzoin. Luxuriously blended with oud, it is an extremely tenacious scent with a woody, leathery note making it an exceptional choice for a sophisticated man & woman
OUD AL ABYAD عطر العود الابيض- A sophisticated blend of geranium, sandalwood & saffron delicately balanced with a woody oud base. This classic white oud never fails to allure men & women

Size: 6ml or 0.2 FL oz

Dukhni Attar Oils are a passionate blend of artisanal expertise and pure oils, lasting up to 13-14 hours. These fragrances are alcohol-free, vegan, and devoid of harmful chemicals, creating an olfactory experience that's both pure and enduring.

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