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حجاب أميرة من قطعة واحدة بتصميم مطرز بالساتان

حجاب أميرة من قطعة واحدة بتصميم مطرز بالساتان

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The Sophia 1 piece Amira Hijab is beautiful but brilliantly comfortable and easy to wear... no pins required. To wear you simply pull it on over the head. It is designed to resemble the 2 piece with the 'headband' forehead section sewn directly into continuous seam of the 'hood' head and neck covering opening for the face. The fabric is a cotton/polyester blend. Features 80 rhinestones and floral motif embroidery on a satin panel.
Embroidery design and color may slightly vary from pictured

Illustration is of 1 piece hijab laid flat with 3 measurements. Note measurements are approximations.

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